What We Offer

Having lived experience of depression and anxiety, we understand the importance of recognising emotions and acknowledging them. A big part of learning to manage these emotions has been writing, including journalling. This is where you write down your thoughts and feelings and reflect on what has impacted them. It has also been so helpful in encouraging self-expression and being more self-aware. We find writing energises us and enables us to problem solve any situations that are impacting our wellbeing.

Knowing how valuable these writing tools are, we want to share these resources with your organisation to help improve your staff’s wellbeing and mental health on an ongoing basis. Our online workshops promote self-awareness and space to identify feelings and emotions through writing tasks as well as give facts and information about mental health and wellness. This self-awareness develops our problem solving skills where we are identifying difficult emotions and working out what may help us to feel better and improve our wellbeing.

Writing for Recovery Workshop

This workshop includes:

  • What Writing for Recovery is
  • Mental Health benefits of writing for recovery
  • Different types of writing
  • Interactive writing for recovery activities and tools to try out

To book a workshop or to find out how I can help you to improve your wellbeing through a workshop, click here.

What People Say About Our Workshops

Anita Kelly delivered a well-researched and appropriate Writing for Recovery session during one of my monthly writing for wellbeing workshops at SEIDs hub… All participants were empowered with the psychological theories of writing and how to apply them to their lives. She also shared her own experiences which gave confidence to others to write and speak on mental health challenges.. Anita ……is consistently professional and a pleasure to work with.

Amanda Epe, Founder of Fly Girls Wellness UK, creative life-writing coach, and author.

Anita’s mental health course that I attended was very well structured and well delivered. She had simple practical tasks presented during the course and she was very attuned with us. After the course, I really felt that I understood my mental condition better and what triggered it. I find Anita to be very gentle and such a great listener too…..the outcome for me was that I learned how to replace my negative thoughts with positive and learn to look after myself.

Loredana Inglis, St. Peter’s Church, Harrow.