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Perspective (Five Minute Friday writing prompt)

Depending on your perspective of this Lockdown situation, you can see things in a positive or negative light, or oscillate between the two.

I know I started off very calmly and positively. My elder son’s school closed first and I took it in my stride. Then my younger son’s school also closed but there was a plan for being given and handing in work from home so things were ok. Gratitude was emphasised by my friends and I used this to remember what God has given us: a home, food to eat, each other and beautiful sunny weather to do things in the garden as a family. For someone who is often quite anxious I was surprisingly calm!

With all 4 of us at home, we started to work out a plan to share study space in the lounge and dining room, especially for our son studying for exams. At times, this positive attitude has given way to low mood, fighting the uncertainty of when lockdown might end and some sort of new normality appear. The challenge has been to keep reminding myself that this time will pass and we will be given our freedom to roam wherever we want to outdoors at some point. Lockdown isn’t forever!

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2 thoughts on “Perspective (Five Minute Friday writing prompt)”

  1. Do not now be somber;
    Christian, it’s your time
    to embrace the honour
    of the right of the line.
    Reach out to a saddened world
    and sing Good News you feel
    that will keep the serpent curled,
    head cruhed beneath your heel.
    Make your faith bold and free,
    and bring light to the land
    that proclaims the victory
    that’s very close at hand,
    for in the darkness God has shown
    the bright-flame hearts of His own.

    ‘The right of the line’ is traditionally the place of honour in a military formation, the far right-hand side of the first line of attack.

  2. Thanks for your poem, Andrew. The challenge is to be the Good News to the world around us, particularly if they’ve lost hope. We’re praying each night as a family, popping a candle in our window as we do so and offered help to our neighbours, should they be self-isolating. It’s a time to build community and show we care, despite our differences.

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