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Review of Shabari Does Tropic hydrating mini-facial

It was a bitterly cold, winter’s day as I arrived at Shabari Does Tropic for my mini-facial. It was wonderful to get into the warm and be introduced to the Tropic skincare range close up.

Shabari uses Susie Ma’s Tropic vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, natural skincare range and I was in for a treat as I waited for her to work her magic. To see the full range of products she sells, go to her website.The Tropic skincare products used for my mini-facial.

I really valued Shabari’s thorough approach by doing a fact find about my skin beforehand, checking if I had any allergies. Being vegan-friendly products, I didn’t need to worry about reacting to lanolin (derived from sheep). She carefully checked ingredients on the products she intended to use, to check for perfume as I have had reactions in the past.

Starting with the Smoothing Cleanser, followed by a vitamin-rich toner, Shabari quickly put me at ease as she explained the benefits of each product. As I have sensitive, combination, slightly dry skin, and rosacea, she tailored Tropic products to my skin type, including a face scrub to remove any dead skin cells and a rich moisturiser to deeply hydrate my skin. With it being Winter, it’s important to have a more moisturising skin cream, to protect skin from drying out. The Skin Feast moisturiser formed a protective layer over my face, but did leave it feeling a little oily. My skin works well with a relatively simple cleansing regime, as it can react with breakouts if too many products are applied. My skin felt nourished and calm after the facial, even several days after!

Along the way, I learned that standard lip balms contain petroleum-based ingredients, which Tropic products don’t contain. Shabari finished off by applying some of the Lip Love lip balm, with Shea butter, rose hip and cocoa butter, leaving my lips feeling smooth and moisture replenished. Particularly good for stepping back out into the driving sleet and wind!

My radiant-looking skin after Shabari’s (on the right) fabulous facial.

She also gave me an after-care sheet to make sure I didn’t get any reactions after the facial.

I would definitely recommend Shabari for her relaxing and rejuvenating facial as well the gentle but very effective Tropic skincare products , they suited my skin very well.


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