Mental Health

From Trapped….to Finding Liberation

Here’s a poem I wrote back in January this year, after a tumultuous time:


…in a lift,

… my old job,

……between two cultures,

Indian & British,

….in my home life, caring,


…Self-critical thoughts,

…..In the past: the Winter of my soul,

……In the lie I wasn’t good enough.

..,,,,,,In being compliant,

Pushing myself too hard.

Finding Liberation…..

in making more time for my family,

In meeting new friends.

A new way to live:


Taking responsibility for my own actions,

Shaking off the lies, cutting off the haters.

New hobbies, like

Writing & blogging,

Found volunteering again

And painting & sketching.

In taking off the mask,

Being real,

Being myself.

Stepping into the truth,

Running towards a hopeful future.

Here’s to a clearer head,

Helpful & uplifting thoughts,

In good relationships

With my immediate family.

New life springs up

As the bulbs shoot

Up through the ground.

Rosebuds bursting into bloom,

Self-compassion and positive self-talk,

In God’s love and acceptance.

…..Through dancing to the radio

In the kitchen.

….. In laughter

With trusted, understanding old friends.

…In quietness and rest too.

Being a rebel and saying “No!”

Through worship and contemplation

in a different church tradition.

Copyright 2019, AT Kelly


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