Mental Health

The Good Shepherd

From Ezekiel 34:11-24: this passage speaks of the coming Hope of Jesus, when the Israelites were in exile in various places, towards the end of the Old Testament times in the Bible.

God promised to send His Good Shepherd to look after His people, some of whom had been “trampled on” by the leaders of Israel at the time. The poor were particularly targeted. This broke God’s heart and resulted in judgement on these corrupt leaders. However, God saw the long term need for a Shepherd who would lay down his life for His sheep, thus sending His only Son, Jesus, down to earth for us.

This ties in with the feeding of the 5,000 in Mark 6, where Jesus saw that the people were “like sheep without a shepherd ” and had compassion on them.

Today, I know I can trust the Good Shepherd to lead me beside still waters and into green pastures. Can you trust Him to do the same for you too?


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