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How to manage the Christmas Shopping crowds using self -care strategies….in my case: a face mask!

This is my first post for my new blog Natural Beauty Bites, which I’m launching today. It focuses on green skincare and natural wellbeing. It brings together my environmental expertise and love of all things beauty and make up:

Naively I recently I booked a facial and massage on Oxford Street on the first Saturday in December … without any thought to the Christmas Shoppers that would be out in force!

I’d hoped to go onto see a friend for a cuppa at their Christmas Fair but found myself falling further and further behind with my plans. Not having seen said friend for over a year, I found myself pushing myself harder to get over there but had to make the tough decision to cancel our plans as the Central line was down. I realised I need to stop and take care of myself and that meant stepping back from the crowds and taking a breather!

Self care is so important – making “me time” – whatever that looks like for you. For me, natural skincare is a big part of taking care of myself.  This can involve putting on a face mask, which physically helps me to slow down, relax and breathe.

So on that busy Saturday, I was so thankful when I came across a new skincare range being launched in the UK by Boscia.

Photo taken after my Boscia mini facial that Saturday.

They are a Californian-based company, offering charcoal range of moisturisers and masks through Boots Central London stores.  I was treated to a 10 minute mini-facial and afterwards my skin was radiant and nourished, ready to face bitter wind outside on the street.  The product used was their Charcoal Pore Pudding face mask, a black and grey striped cooling cream, which had fantastic results. The facial was finished off with their hydrating gel, a light moisturiser: initially black in colour which invisibly blended into my skin.  Having sensitive oily/combination skin, my skin felt calm with no tingling whatsoever.  As I left the store, the stress of the Christmas crowds melted away, and I went on my way, with an instant confidence boost and raised energy levels.

After sampling their charcoal peel mask at home, my skin felt more hydrated and calmed:

First of all, I cleansed, then applied the mask liberally with my fingers, starting with my forehead and left a 1cm line from my hair line and avoided my sensitive eye area.  It needed just over 10 minutes to dry fully and then I peeled it off, forehead first. Again, my skin felt supple and well moisturised and I finished my facial off with the black hydrating gel.

All of these products are cruelty free, contain plant-based extracts, such as geranium and have no artificial nasties in them.  See or #bosciaukxboots for more info on their range of products.


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